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                                    **********   IMPORTANT NEWS **********

We will be worshiping at 11 a.m. in the church and the service will be videoed and posted on line on Sunday afternoon.


Welcome and thank you for joining with us for this Welcome Back service on Sept. 12 for Elmvale Presbyterian Church and Knox Flos church. It’s great to be back in the church for Sunday service. Jermey will be recording the services and they will be uploaded to the internet later in the afternoon.  Thank you to Rev. Jim Young for preaching the sermon today. Thanks to all who helped out with the service.  Click on the following link to join the service. https://youtu.be/eFIgDLd7Iik


As a church, we know God is calling us to love and care for each other. Please connect with those who might feel isolated or anxious by phone or e-mail. Keep everyone in your prayers.

                          Rev. Jim Young, Interim Moderator                  jim.ann.young@gmail.com
Sunday Service & Kids’ Church: 11:00 a.m.
22 Queen St. E., Elmvale:  (705) 322 –  1411
elevator door under canopy on east side of church
                                             Search Committee Chairperson                                                         Cathy Finlay   catherine.finlay004@sympatico.ca