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Bible Study Information and Questionnaire

Please may we request your feedback and ideas for our upcoming Bible Study, which time or format would best suit your needs?

Please respond by email to Rev Tom – or to Elizabeth –

Dear Elders, Members of Session, the People of Elmvale Presbyterian,

In the words of the Apostle Paul, “Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor 1:3).

I hope and pray that this email finds you and your families well. We are planning to restart our Bible Study after the Elmvale Fall Fair, the week of October 17th.

What will we study? The Study will be on the book of 1 John. Click on this link Overview: 1-3 John – YouTube  to find an overview of 1 John, and some of the amazing teachings that this book has to offer and teach us.

This is a book that is not complex, but it is a book that reaches out to us and draw us deeper into our understanding of how we embrace and apply the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. It is truly a book that will question and deepen our faith. A book that encourages us to look deeper at our faith and in our interactions with others.

When and how will we gather to Study? Currently, we are proposing two separate studies.

  • An in- person Bible study at Elmvale with Coffee, on a Monday morning at 10am. Coffee will be provided. We expect each session to go for around one hour over a six-week period, depending on the groups interest.
  • A Zoom on- line study that would start on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and which is geared to those who work during the day.

May we please ask for your feedback on this study?

What time and day works best for you? 

Do you plan to attend one of the Studies?

Your feedback would really help us plan the study to fit best into people’s lives, and to ensure that everyone who wishes to study the Bible can do so.

Blessings and Peace.

The Christian Education Committee